Why Choose Us for Your Solar Installation?

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Why Choose KB Racking for Your Solar Installation

Are you planning on making your organization more energy efficient and eco-friendly? If so, the team at KB Racking can deliver a dependable solution. Our solar racking systems are a great way to future-proof your commercial operations, designed for a wide range of use cases. Let’s go over some key reasons why choosing KB Racking for your solar installation is a sound investment.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Roof Types

From flat to sloped roofs, KB Racking’s solar mounting solutions are designed for seamless integration and hassle-free setup. Our goal is to help as many customers as we can experience solar power and contribute to reducing our collective impact on the environment. From the standing seam mounting system in our non-penetrating Seamrack RL to the innovative Aerorack 2.0, KB Racking offers several different products to suit a wider variety of use cases. Whether you desire a simplified set-up, reduced wire clutter, an installation free of rails, or minimal ballast requirements, there’s a KB Racking solution that’s well-suited to address your needs.

Custom Solar Mounting Solutions

Every property is unique, with specific structural parameters and energy needs. This is where KB Racking’s custom solar mounting solutions can really shine. By working closely with you and examining your property, we can determine the precise energy requirements and build out an appropriate setup. With over 500 projects completed and counting, rest assured that you’re in highly skilled and experienced hands. Our goal is to deliver simplified solutions you can count on, every time. Take a look at our reference projects to see what we can do for your rooftop solar needs.

Superior Build and Service Quality, Every Time

KB Racking is a name synonymous with resilience and dependability. Our experienced team strives for excellence, leaving not even the smallest detail overlooked. Our core values consist of simplicity, teamwork, and integrity towards all involved. KB Racking takes complete ownership of all work completed and stands by it, considering your satisfaction every step of the way. We also are continually innovating and improving to enhance our services and products even further. Combined with exceptional-quality solar mounting solutions that can be relied on for many years to come, you get the best of both worlds.

KB Racking offers exceptional service packages focused on delivering the best results possible. Combined with our simple and innovative solar mounting solutions, you too can reap the many benefits of a streamlined sustainable energy installation from us. Contact us today for a simple solution you can count on.