KB Racking Partnership with World Technology Supply

pa@kbracking.comPress Release


KB Racking is pleased to announce its new partnership with World Technology Supply. World Technology Supply is a Latin American distributor that specializes in renewable energy, security and technology.

With its robust experience in Latin America, World Technology Supply provides installers, developers and solar professionals with access to the products and services necessary to build a variety of renewable energy projects.

World Technology Supply is a family-owned business with a strong reputation among installers and developers.  They provide clients with turn-key solutions using the most advanced solar technology, working selectively with premium manufacturers.The growth of renewable energies has inspired WTS to continue growing their distribution and collaboration model across the Latin American solar photovoltaic industry.

The partnership opens up the availability of KB Racking’s products to all residential and commercial projects in Mexico and Latin American countries, that weren’t available previously.

In addition, KB Racking is now able to support installers and developers of all sizes, across Mexico and Latin America. World Technology Supply will be housing our AnchorRack system in Guadalajera, Mexico.

For Mexico, we have customized our AnchorRack design with two options, a ballasted and anchored system.

AnchorRack’s installation is made simple with pre-punched screw holes, click-in module clamps, and lightweight aluminum components.

Furthermore, the durable components are built-to-last with flexibility in tilt angle, row spacing and panel orientation. In other words, this makes it the most modular anchored systems on the market.

For more information on the AnchorRack system or World Technology Supply, visit www.worldtechnologysupply.com.