How Do Solar Energy Costs Change with the Weather?

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How Do Solar Energy Costs Change with the Weather?

Regardless of whether your business has made the switch to solar energy or not, costs associated with this renewable energy resource can vary on occasion. This is due primarily to the fact that solar power depends on cooperation from the environment to be sustainable. Fortunately, today’s solar mounting solutions such as those from KB Racking are designed to keep your business operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible. In addition, bear in mind that your costs will always be much less than operating on the grid, regardless of the weather. With that in mind, let’s go over some ways your energy costs can change with the weather.

Cloud Coverage and Rain

On days when the skies are cloudier and there is less sunlight, solar panels won’t be as effective at collecting energy from the sun’s rays. That said, there’s a little more to it than this: The reduction of efficiency is influenced from the cloud cover and type. For example, lighter cirrus clouds won’t have any effect on solar power generation, while a dark sky full of rain clouds will result in a temporary drop in energy production. This is entirely normal behaviour for solar panels, and many are designed to lower the percentage of reduced efficiency during cloud coverage.

Snow Accumulation

If you operate in an area met with a massive snowstorm, there’s a slight chance that it could reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels. However, as most solar mounting solutions such as those by KB Racking are installed on sloped roofs, this is very unlikely to happen. Solar panels and their mounting setups are designed to allow snow to slide off and keep the surface clear.

Fluctuations in Shade and Voltage

On occasion, solar-powered properties may experience voltage fluctuations from lightning or other natural events. Modern solar power solutions are designed to offset this excess voltage and be spared from damage. In addition, should shade suddenly limit a solar panel’s ability to absorb the sun’s energy then the system will need to work a little harder. Costs can change in these instances, but again, they aren’t dramatic deviations from otherwise stabilized operational expenses.

Weather events impacting solar power performance and cost are often a concern of business owners looking to make the switch, but there are a couple of aspects to consider. First, no matter what fluctuations occur, the overall operating cost will remain lower than on-the-grid power, and second, in almost all cases your solar mounting solution won’t be impacted to the degree that you notice significant cost increases or reduced performance.

There are misconceptions with how much of an impact our environment has on our solar power solutions, but it’s actually quite the reverse – solar energy has a positive effect on the world around us! Contact us today at KB Racking for custom solar energy projects that are a perfect fit for your business.