How Do Solar Energy Costs Change with the Weather?

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How Do Solar Energy Costs Change with the Weather?

Regardless of whether your business has made the switch to solar energy or not, costs associated with this renewable energy resource can vary on occasion. This is due primarily to the fact that solar power depends on cooperation from the environment to be sustainable. Fortunately, today’s solar mounting solutions such as those from KB Racking are designed to keep your … Read More

Why is Going Solar Good for Your Business?

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Why is Going Solar Good for Your Business

Modern everyday business operations hinge on a range of critical elements to succeed and grow. Everything from employee satisfaction to cost control plays a role. Today, many companies are choosing to go solar for various financial and logistical advantages, but how is doing so going to help your specific business? Let’s look at some key benefits. A Sustainable Business Image … Read More

Why Choose KB Racking for Your Solar Installation?

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Why Choose KB Racking for Your Solar Installation

Are you planning on making your organization more energy efficient and eco-friendly? If so, the team at KB Racking can deliver a dependable solution. Our solar racking systems are a great way to future-proof your commercial operations, designed for a wide range of use cases. Let’s go over some key reasons why choosing KB Racking for your solar installation is … Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar Sooner Rather than Later

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4 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar Sooner Rather than Later

As the world continues to evolve and change, so too does our need for eco-friendly means of energy production. Enter solar power, a solution that’s been around for years but has recently become a quickly growing trend. As more and more and more business owners experience the benefits of switching to clean energy, let’s take a look at some key … Read More

KB Racking’s Custom Solutions Yield Riveting Results in New Jersey!

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2016 marked a very productive time in the relationship between KB Racking and Evergreen Energy Solutions as we worked together on three large solar projects in the state of New Jersey. Two of them have already been completed and the third is expected to be fully installed late 2017. The total combined project size of these three projects exceeds an … Read More

CitiGreen Solar Installs its Fifth AnchorRack Project in the State of California

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In 2016, CitiGreen Solar recognized the need for a more simple anchored solution for their Nome Hospitality Project in Southern California and engaged KB Racking’s product development team to implement a new product model. The result of this year old partnership gave birth to a new anchored mounting solution, known as AnchorRack which has been used in CitiGreen’s last five … Read More

First Ever Project To Utilize Four Different Mounting Systems

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KB Racking’s easy to install product portfolio is on full display in Orangeville, Ontario with a 156 kW project that utilizes four of the company’s rooftop mounting solutions. Solar Provider Group’s challenging project consists of two standing seam roofs, one corrugated metal roof and a flat roof. The international EPC Company chose KB Racking as their mounting systems provider for … Read More

Rer Energy And Kb Racking Complete One Of The Largest Solar Projects In Baltimore County

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RER Energy, an industry leader in solar installations, and KB Racking, a leading North America mounting system company, teamed up to build one of the largest rooftop solar energy system in Baltimore County. The system was installed on the headquarters of A&A Global Industries Inc., a premiere manufacturer and distributor of toys, candy and novelties for vending, amusement and family … Read More

All Of Kb Racking’s Mounting Systems Now Ul 2703 Classified

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KB Racking has completed the certification process of its entire line of mounting systems according to the latest UL 2703 industry standard of integrated grounding and bonding, as tested and certified by Intertek. “Achieving nationally recognized certification guarantees the highest safety standard for our customers. All of our products have been certified as an entire system to ensure the safety … Read More

Kb Racking Now Even Lighter Due To New Parapet Study

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Among the many factors that influence the wind loads on a roof, parapet heights are one of the most counterintuitive. Naturally, one would think that parapets serve to obstruct wind gusts from reaching solar panels. However, this interaction is more complex, and wind loads are generally found to increase with higher parapet walls.  Increased parapet heights tend to directly impact … Read More