About Us

Founded in 2010, KB Racking specializes in providing Solar Mounting Solutions for commercial rooftops across Canada and the US. We specialize in providing ballasted and anchored solutions for flat roof projects, as well as customized solutions for metal roofs. We work closely with our customers and our purpose is to provide smooth and seamless experiences throughout the entire project cycle.

At KB Racking we believe in a 100% renewable energy future. With our innovative, cost effective mounting solutions we are aiming to accelerate the implementation of solar energy installations across North America. With every new project, we strive to provide simple solutions that our customer can count on.

We embrace diversity at KB Racking in every way. Our team is made up of highly motivated individuals from around the world, working together to support one another and the advance the rise of solar energy. If you are interested in joining our team please send your application to careers@kbracking.com

KB Team

Peter Aulich

Chief Executive Officer

Mehrab Gazi

Operations Manager

Chaka Kounou

Manager, Project Management and Marketing

Kevin Ramsaran

Project Manager and Engineering Lead

Arjun Gogna

Product Developer

Nico Correa

Project Manager and Marketing Coordinator

Krishan Rampersad

Project Manager

Jessica Liu

Project Manager

Kaveh Kashani

Project Manager

Thopikaran Pirabakaran

Junior Project Manager

Harvinder Sharma

Supply Chain & Logistics Coordinator

Diwaker Dabral

Technical Sales and Project Assistant

Eugene Kinzburg

Sales Manager

Adam McKinley

Sales Manager

Chris Temperley

Regional Account Manager

Blair Hohol

Regional Account Manager

Natalie Zavaglia

Human Resources Manager & Talent Coach

Steve Kiesling

Chief Financial Officer

Christian Wentzel