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First Ever Project to Utilize Four Different Mounting Systems

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KB Racking’s easy to install product portfolio is on full display in Orangeville, Ontario with a 156 kW project that utilizes four of the company’s rooftop mounting solutions. Solar Provider Group’s challenging project consists of two standing seam roofs, one corrugated metal roof and a flat roof. The international EPC Company chose KB Racking as their mounting systems provider for their diverse product line and ability to work with challenging projects.

“We have been working with KB Racking since its inception in 2010 and have worked with almost all of their mounting systems. We have come to rely on their durable, modular designs and quick turnaround on engineering. We decided to take on this challenging project knowing that KB Racking would help us solve for the varied roof types involved and in the end the project was a great success. Our installers completed the mechanical installation of all four systems in less than 3 weeks.” AJ Kiani, Vice President, Global Operations, Solar Provider Group.


KB Racking’s Head of Product Development, Mohaned Kheir, comments, “The diversity of KB Racking’s product line is a result of the demands of our customers. We respond to the feedback from installers and adapt our designs to their needs and recommendations. This project with Solar Provider Group is a perfect example of that. We took a challenging site and broke it down into a number of solutions, each one unique to the pitch, roof type, and layout requirements of the roof.” The flat and standing seam metal roof portions of the project utilized two of KB Racking’s non-penetrating systems, SeamRack and EkonoRack. The corrugated metal roof required the company’s attached solution, BarnRack, known for its customizable roof hooks that minimize the potential risk of leakage.

RER Energy and KB Racking Complete One of the largest solar projects in Baltimore COUNTY

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RER Energy, an industry leader in solar installations, and KB Racking, a leading North America mounting system company, teamed up to build one of the largest rooftop solar energy system in Baltimore County.

The system was installed on the headquarters of A&A Global Industries Inc., a premiere manufacturer and distributor of toys, candy and novelties for vending, amusement and family entertainment industries. The system, located in Cockeysville, Maryland, will generate in excess of 1,627 kilowatts of clean, renewable energy each year. The PV project has a carbon footprint reduction of 1,410 metric tons of CO2 every year while offsetting 100% of A&A Global Industries’ electricity usage. The company’s Executive Vice President, Steve Kovens commented, “The solar power system at our headquarters is a demonstration of A&A Global’s dedication to sustainability across our business. Our partnership with RER Energy Group provides cost-effective power and helps us meet our environmental goals.”

RER Energy spearheaded the development of the project, ensuring its engineering, procurement and construction were completed on time and above industry standards. “We have completed projects with KB Racking in the past and knew their reliable installation support was exactly what we needed to complete a project of this size. The EkonoRack mounting solution is the simplest, fastest product we have worked with to date”, Mike Barnes, Project Manager with RER Energy Group.On top of the environmental benefits, A&A Global is projected to pay off the rooftop system in less than four years while saving roughly $9.2 million over the life span of the project, compared to their current electric utility.

Peter Aulich, CEO of KB Racking, commented, “We are thrilled to be working with RER Energy again to equip the A&A Global headquarters with solar energy. Our partnership with RER Energy is continuing to grow and we look forward to working with them to bring more solar energy to the region.”


All of KB RACKING’s Mounting Systems Now UL 2703 Classified

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June 28, 2016

KB Racking has completed the certification process of its entire line of mounting systems according to the latest UL 2703 industry standard of integrated grounding and bonding, as tested and certified by Intertek.

“Achieving nationally recognized certification guarantees the highest safety standard for our customers. All of our products have been certified as an entire system to ensure the safety and reliability of every component.”

       — Peter Aulich, CEO
          KB Racking

Intertek performed extensive system testing on all of KB Racking’s mounting systems to classify them according to the latest UL industry standard. The certification signifies another step in KB Racking’s continuous perusal of the highest product and safety standards. KB Racking’s systems now meet all of the electrical safety standards for “Rack Mounted Systems for Photovoltaic Modules” across the United States. ETL’s state of the art electrical bonding tests determined that installers can ground an entire KB Racking array using only one grounding connection.

“Achieving nationally recognized certification guarantees the highest safety standard for our customers,” Peter Aulich, CEO of KB Racking, comments, “All of our products have been certified as an entire system to ensure the safety and reliability of every component.”