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The Los Angeles Business Council’s video on the LA FIT program features KB Racking’s EkonoRack mounting system

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Los Angeles’s 150 MW Clean LA Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program was adopted earlier this year, becoming the largest FIT solar program in the United States. Solar Provider Group, a multinational EPC company, has the most projects in development in the LA FIT program and has selected KB Racking as its solar mounting system solution for a total of 10 MW over the course of the program.

KB Racking contributes to the growth of solar energy by donating mounting systems to the college of renewable energy

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Oxen (16 of 18) - editedKB Racking has partnered with the College of Renewable Energy (CORE) in Ontario to provide solar mounting systems for its Solar Energy Technician Programs.  KB Racking has donated two complete AeroRack and EkonoRack arrays capable of supporting 32 solar panels. The systems will be used for the hands-on training portion of the Solar Certification course designed to prepare solar installers, designers, consultants and inspectors for the solar industry.

“By donating our mounting systems to an educational program that supports green technology, KB Racking can hasten the development of solar energy in the industry while positively contributing to our local community “, COO of KB Racking, Peter Aulich comments. 

KB Racking has performed an on-site installation demonstration for the students and professors of the College and plans to complete additional demonstrations for the upcoming graduating classes. The CORE’s students will install and uninstall the mounting systems on the College’s flat rooftop several times throughout the year. Solar Energy Program Director, Layne Kulchecki, comments, “We are thrilled to have such a leader in the solar industry supporting our renewable energy programs. The KB Racking mounting systems are easy to train our students with and the hands-on experience makes a world of difference. We really appreciate the generosity of KB Racking and their commitment to supporting the future of solar energy”. 

Churches Choose KB Racking to Harness the Light from Above

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KB Racking is helping churches in southern Ontario harness the sun’s energy with their solar rooftop mounting solutions. This summer, three local churches have become 

fully equipped with rooftop solar energy systems, allowing them to save on utility costs while setting a new standard for renewable energy in their communities.

Down-To-Earth Solar Power Inc. and KB Racking worked together to install 10 kW of the AeroRack mounting system on Morningside High Park Presbyterian Church in Toronto last month.

Rick Balmer from Down-To-Earth Solar Power Inc. comments, “KB Racking was great to work with. Upon request, they were able to fast track their portion of the project to meet the tight connection deadline we had to meet.”

KB Racking and Arcadian Projects Inc. worked together to install 20 kW of the AeroRack mounting system on two churches in Ontario. The Whitby Baptist Church and the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Kingston are now producing clean power.

Allen Osborne, Project Coordinator from Arcadian Projects Inc. comments, “Working to install solar energy on these two churches has been a great experience. KB Racking has made the process of mounting the system extremely straightforward.”

About Down-to-earth solar power inc.

Down-to-Earth Solar Power Inc. is a small company with hands-on Directors who are all very keen on doing what they can to reduce carbon emissions while helping people and institutions earn extra money from sunshine. They are located in Toronto’s West End and serve customers within a 200 km radius of Toronto, offering individuals, institutions and business the opportunity of owning their own solar power generating system. For more information, visit http://www.dtesolar.ca.

About Arcadian projects Inc.

At Arcadian Projects, our energy system professionals work together in specialty teams, each focused and trained in their areas of expertise. We are bound by our passion for renewable energy and our commitment to the highest standards of client satisfaction. Since the start of our company, we’ve worked hard to maintain an issue-free record of operations. We can proudly say: each and every client has agreed to be a reference for our work. For more information visit http://www.arcadianprojects.ca.

KB Racking’s EkonoRack Receives ETL Certification from Intertek

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ETL Classification MarkKB Racking just completed the certification process of its EkonoRack flat roof mounting system according to the UL-2703 industry standard, as tested and certified by Intertek.

Intertek performed extensive system testing on all of the EkonoRack’s components in order to classify it according to the UL industry standard. The certification signifies that the EkonoRack mounting system meets all of the electrical safety standards for “Rack Mounted Systems for Photovoltaic Modules” anywhere in the United States. ETL’s state of the art electrical bonding tests have determined that installers can ground an entire array, regardless of size, with only one grounding connection.

“Achieving nationally recognized certification with the EkonoRack guarantees the highest safety standard for our customers,” Peter Aulich, COO of KB Racking, comments, “Moreover, being able to ground only once per array significantly reduces the amount of parts and labor required to install the system, reducing our customers’ costs by at least 5 Cents per Watt.”

KB Racking’s EkonoRack consists of only three major components, making it the simplest ballasted mounting system on the market to receive ETL Certification. KB Racking will start producing the EkonoRack flat roof mounting system with the ETL Certified stamp by July, 2013. To view EkonoRack’s listing in the Intertek Directory search for KB Racking here. For more information on the EkonoRack system visit http://www.kbracking.com.

KB Racking, the First Solar Mounting System to be Installed Under LA’s New Feed-in-Tariff Program

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 In partnership with KB Installations, 84 kW of KB Racking’s flat roof system EkonoRack
have been Oxen (18 of 18)installed on one of LA’s urban rooftops. The project is fully installed mechanically and is expected to be interconnected and producing clean power in the next 60 days. The project has been featured in the recently released “Clean LA Solar Program”, the video below created by the Los Angeles Business Counsel that details the groundbreaking LA FIT program. 


President of Solar Provider Group, Christian Wentzel comments, “With a large number of projects in the pipeline under the LA FIT program we wanted to secure a mounting company we could rely on. KB Racking’s products are easy to install and we can trust them to get the job finished right and on time.”

 The LA FIT program is setting the bar for solar energy across the nation, aiming to create 4,500 green jobs, generating a half-billion dollars in economic activity and powering roughly 34,000 LA homes. COO and Vice President of KB Racking, Peter Aulich, comments, “We recognize the leadership that Los Angeles is taking to further solar development within the United States and we are looking forward to playing an active role in California, our prime target expansion market. Partnering with Solar Provider Group on this project is just the first step.”

This project is the first Californian installation of KB Racking’s economical flat roof mounting system, EkonoRack. Since its release last year, EkonoRack has been praised for its simplicity and installed on large commercial rooftops in the Eastern US and Canada. KB Installations’ construction manager, Alan Morrissey states that the system is one of the most straightforward on the market, “EkonoRack only has three major components, my crew is therefore able to install it quickly and with very little direction.”

For more information on the Clean LA FIT program, visit www.ladwp.com/fit.

About Solar Provider Group

Solar Provider multi-national and family owned EPC company with a decade of global experience in the engineering, execution, construction, financing and placement of solar projects. For more information visit solarprovidergroup.com.

KB RACKING’s mounting systems can decrease the snow load on your building, independent study shows

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Weight restrictions are one of the greatest challenges rooftop solar installers are facing today. In northern regions, design snow loads can lead to weight restrictions becoming an even greater hurdle. This understanding led KB RACKING to produce AeroRack, the lightest non-penetrating mounting system on the market. KB RACKING’s rooftop systems have gone through extensive engineering analysis and testing to supply lasting products that perform in all weather conditions. To further their product analysis, KB RACKING has recently sourced Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. (RWDI) to conduct an independent, state of the art study investigating the effect solar arrays, using KB RACKING’s mounting systems, have on the design snow loads of flat rooftops.

snow study - press releaseThe study found that when KB RACKING’s AeroRack or EkonoRack mounting systems are installed on a roof, it decreases the overall volume of snow. Additionally, the heat emitted from the solar panels has a melting effect that causes a further decrease in the total weight of snow. The aerodynamic design therefore prevents snow from accumulating under and beside the system, while allowing for the panels to melt snow on their surfaces. Information for this study was compiled using both physical modeling of snow drifting processes with an open channel water flume methodology, and RWDI’s Finite Area Element (FAE) simulation method.

In the case of the Greater Toronto Area, the reduction of snow volume and weight is between 7 – 14% depending on the tilt angle of the panel and the inter-row spacing of the system. KB RACKING’s COO Peter Aulich comments on the results of RWDI’s study, “These findings are great news for solar installers in colder climates. By accounting for these snow load reductions, we can now offer our customers solutions for their rooftops that were previously unable to support solar arrays”.

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